Thursday, March 22, 2007


K-Link Liquid Chlorophyll

Green plants use carbon-dioxide in the air, water and minerals from the soil and sunlight to produce food. This process is called “photosynthesis”. Sunlight is actually absorbed by the green substance found in leaves called “chlorophyll”.

K-Link Liquid Chlorophyll is extracted from the purple-flowered variety Alfalfa plant. Alfalfa means “ Father Of All Foods”. The Alfalfa plant spreads its roots 100 feet deep, under the soil. That is why it can absorb all the high quality minerals and nutrients such as amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, other elements.

Chlorophyll is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Furthermore, it also contains trace elements, minerals and 8 essential enzymes. One tablespoon of K-Link UIE Liquid Chlorophyll is equivalent to 1 kg of vegetable consumption. It gives energy to those people who feel stressed and tired. UIE Liquid Chlorophyll is good for cleansing-refers to detoxification and eliminating impurities from our body, balancing-balances the acid and alkaline in our body and nourishing-provides nutrients for healthy blood to increase the oxygen level and red blood count. It is helpful for those who suffer from constipation, bad breath, body odour, respiratory problems, anemia, sore throats etc.

 Sodium Copper Chlorophyll
 UIE water

 Provides iron to organs
 Detoxifies blood and acts as anti-cancer agent
 Improves cell functions
 Enhances metabolism
 Strengthens immune system
 Enhances lung functions
 Abates the risk of bronchitis
 Stabilizes body temperature
 Improves liver functions
 Improves functions of the thyroid glands.
 Abates digestive problems.
 K-Liquid Chlorophyll inhibits bacterial growth.¨
 It prevents internal and external infections.¨
 Good for people suffering from constipation.¨
 Stops bad breath, body odour and promotes dental health.
 Balances the acid and alkaline levels in the body.¨
 Helps in the healing of wounds.
 Improves anemic conditions.

 Its usage is not restricted to oral consumption. It can be applied externally.
 For oral consumption add 1 tablespoon of Chlorophyll to a glass of 250ml water.
 To be taken thrice a day.
 A health tonic for cleansing, regulating and replenishing our system.
 K-Liquid Chlorophyll contains no artificial additives.

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